Using specialist bearing performance prediction software, Osborne Engineering can perform comprehensive evaluations of all types of hydrodynamically lubricated fluid film bearings, including fixed profile bearings and tilting pad assemblies, to determine how each bearing shall operate at various loads and speeds. These results are used on a daily basis throughout the design stages. This not only allows Osborne Engineering to analyse both new and existing designs, but also assists with bearing failure analysis and general troubleshooting.


During the design stages our engineers are able to use finite element analysis to accurately analyse the stresses and deformation of individual components to ensure trouble free bearing operation. If required Osborne Engineering can offer this service to assist and support customers during the design of rotating equipment, suggesting improvements and modifications.


Osborne Engineering offer 3D laser scanning solutions for both reverse engineering of obsolete components and advanced inspection. Using a FARO Platinum Arm fitted with an additional non contact laser line probe, our engineers are able to digitally capture complex free form components and create accurate models and drawings in a relatively short period of time compared to traditional techniques.

Laser scan data can be compared back to CAD data using Geomagic Qualify to verify the dimensional accuracy of manufactured parts and quickly identify any areas of concern via the use of customisable automated reporting techniques, including GD&T evaluation. This helps reduce the need for human interaction during the inspection process, decreasing measurement time and improving efficiency. With a combined accuracy of ± 0.060mm over its 4 metre working envelope the FARO Platinum arm and laser scanner provides all the functionality of a traditional CMM, whilst remaining totally portable. Allowing our engineers to carry out precise measurement and analysis on site if required.


  • Material analysis and upgrades
  • Instrumentation provision
  • Cooling coil upgrades
  • Bearing protection
  • Increase bearing performance
  • Account for misalignment
  • Increase bearing life
  • Improve reliability