Founded in 1985, Turbo Power Services (TPS) specialises in the supply, overhaul and upgrade of gas turbine auxiliary and fuel system components for the oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation industries.

With facilities located in the UK and UAE servicing a customer base of over 80 countries, TPS operates successfully on a global scale, working with major Original Equipment Manufacturers, service companies and end users of light industrial, heavy industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines.

Components are overhauled, tested and calibrated in-house at TPS’s state-of-the-art service centres, using custom-built test rigs that can replicate varying engine and test conditions.

TPS offers rapid repair and performance testing in accordance with OEM specifications. By working closely with its customers TPS has established a proven track record of increasing efficiency and performance of rotating equipment and minimising downtime during outages


Specialising in the supply, refurbishment and flow testing of fuel nozzles, ranging from single fuel nozzles to complete combustor cover assemblies. Turbo Power Services has specialist in-house test rigs for air and liquid fuel testing of fuel nozzles and assemblies. All calibration is fully tracable to UKAS sources.


As an authorised sales and repair centre for Roper Pumps USA, Turbo Power Services are supported by the necessary test equipment, parts and latest test procedures to ensure that flow dividers conform to the original OEM specifications.


Specialising in the overhaul, repair and testing of atomising air compressors and booster pumps for GE turbines. Commissioning Turbo Power Services to carry out a comprehensive service of the unit will offer significant cost savings in comparison to purchasing a new OEM unit.


All refurbished pumps are performance tested and returned with a twelve month warranty. As an authorised sales and repair centre for Roper Pumps USA, you can be assured that all work is carried out to meet or exceed OEM specifications.


We offer a holistic outage service, taking in entire packages of work that we return to site fully overhauled, certified and ready for a successful commissioning phase. Our philosophy is to integrate with our customers as fully as they will permit.


Turbo Power Services understands the critical importance of the different types of valve that are responsible for the safe running and operation of a gas turbine. We refurbish and test all valves as complete assemblies to ensure that the valves function correctly and comply with the operational specification when refitted to the turbine.


With over 40 years’ experience and a proven supply chain, TPS engineers can offer a wealth of knowledge and support to help increase efficiency and performance of rotating equipment. TPS operates a number of bespoke test rigs designed to accurately measure and analyse pressure, air flow and liquid fuel flow within the fuel system. TPS proudly operates the only approved flow divider test rigs in the UK that are built to Roper specifications. These bespoke test rigs can be manually or automatically controlled and possess the ability to generate fully automated test reports.

Housed in state-of-the-art service centres in the UK and UAE, TPS is fully supported by dedicated technicians, engineers and inspection teams to assist with overhaul, test and project management functions. TPS is able to tailor processes to meet the needs of individual customers to their specific project requirements.